Health Optimization

1:1 Health Optimization Consulting

Already trying most of the standard "health hacks" like eating clean and exercising more but looking for an additional edge? Look no further.

In my 5 year health optimization journey I have discovered what actually moves the needle.

No magic pills, crazy gadgets or other BS...just understanding how your individualistic biology is meant to thrive on the planet is was designed for.

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Health Optimization

Health Optimization Consulting: Businesses

Are you a business leader or running a team of any kind and want your team to prioritize their health but don't know where to start?

I provide consulting services for business owners who are looking to prioritize health in their workplace.

Prioritizing health leads to a more productive workforce, but more importantly a staff that is thriving in all aspects of their life. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

Health optimization consulting for teams/businesses could be in the form of educational webinars, in person off-sites, creating employee health incentive plans, and more.

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My Health Optimization Philosophy

Health is not as one dimensional as people think it is. Most think Diet/Exercise is the 80/20 approach that will get them to "good enough". The problem is that isn't working anymore.

How come? Because in the modern world we are exposed to FAR more environmental toxins than ever before in human history whilst being FAR more disconnected from our local environment.

Our sleep quality has plummeted due to the ubiquitous use of technology and exposure to artificial light at night. Our mitochondria are more dysfunctional than ever because of lack of sunlight, disrupted circadian rhythm's and being constantly bombarded by nnEMFs. Glyphosate exposure is disrupting countless biological processes including intracellular communication. Add in the slew of other toxins (plastics, heavy metals, mold, jabs, PFAs, seed oils, etc.) and you get the manifestation of chronic health conditions at ages we have never seen before.

Brain fog, mental and physical fatigue, poor memory, low dopamine...the list goes on and on. The average person cannot go through an entire day on their body's energy alone. Everyone NEEDS caffeine, nicotine, or some form of stimulant. This is common, but NOT normal.

I healed myself from severe post concussive syndrome where I experienced ALL of these mental fatigue and energy symptoms. I made progress by prioritizing diet and supplements in the beginning of my healing journey. However, it wasn't until I understood the importance of circadian biology, mitochondrial function, sunlight and the connection to nature that I truly got to a state of health BEYOND where I was pre-brain injury.

The best part is, I am not special. This is available to anyone. However, you need the right education and mindset to get you there. That is where I come in.

You don't need to spend thousands of $$ on lab tests and supplements a year to be healthy. I teach my clients how the things that move the needle most in terms of health are FREE. I teach them knowledge that will achieve them and their loved ones optimal health for the REST OF THEIR LIFE.

It is time to break free from the centralized health paradigm.