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About Me

I healed myself from severe (15+ months) Post Concussive Syndrome (PCS) in 2018/9-read that story on the home page.

I have an M.S. in Electrical Engineering. I worked in the semiconductor industry for 4 years until I decided I wanted to pursue Decentralized Health full time. I did not think my degree would help much with my passion for learning about health optimization, but boy was I wrong. Writing a Graduate Paper for my masters degree allowed me to have the skills to write a successful book when I was only 25. Bitcoin and Beef has touched thousands of hands and has connected me with a priceless amount of like-minded people.

I am now using my background in EE to my advantage, because it is clear the future of health lies in Quantum Biology & Electromagnetism. Centralized Health doesn't acknowledge that we are electromagnetic beings, and the resulting chronic disease epidemic shows that lack of understanding. I am grateful for my background as an EE.

Through my passion and knowledge about regenerative agriculture, I became connected with a local bison ranch near my home in Wyoming. I now work in Sales + Marketing for the ranch part time and am hoping to expand the reach of our brand with value added products focused on 100% grass finished bison, and high quality local ingredients. I value local food tremendously for its impact on our local economy, our health, and the health of the planet.

I was a collegiate soccer player and have a deep passion for staying active through functional movements like calisthenics and sports. I consider myself an avid outdoorsman, and the reason I pursue optimal health is so I can do the things that bring me the most joy for as long as possible, and that right now is skiing, hiking/mountaineering, and hunting. To me, nature is the real world.

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My Book

Bitcoin and Beef

My first publication. The issues with our food and monetary systems are due to the corruption of highly centralized government entities and corporations.

I defend Bitcoin and Beef with factual firepower, discuss the connection between food and fiat, and provide a blueprint for improving the state of our society.

A great introduction to why decentralization matters, bitcoin, and regenerative agriculture.

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B.S. Electrical Engineering-2019-Rochester Institute of Technology

M.S. Electrical Engineering-2019-Rochester Institute of Technology

Area of study was Power Electronics. I worked for 4 years in the semiconductor industry.