Decentralized Health Insurance

Crowd Health

Decentralized and community based health insurance.

If you are self employed and want to stop paying a fortune to centralized scams that are health insurance policies...look no further.

Incentivizing health and community, I personally use Crowd Health for my insurance since I left corporate engineering.

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100% Grass Fed Bison

Falls Family Ranches Bison

100% Grass Fed and Finished Bison Meat Raised Proudly in Wyoming.

I work directly with this ranch and help with sales/marketing. Stay tuned for more products to come.

MUST USE code TRISTAN10 for 10% off your first order.

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Real food Bar


The only bar I endorse. 100% Grass Fed Beef, Butter, Tallow, Honey, Salt.

Extremely based couple out of Colorado, who even take Bitcoin for payment.

When I am hiking, hunting, backpacking, etc. I always have AUPA bars with me. Convenient and nutrient dense.

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Organic Clothing

Harvest & Mill

100% Organic Cotton Clothing Made & Sourced in the USA.

Industrial farmed cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops with herbicides and pesticides in the world. Opting for organic cotton when you can is the right move.

Check out this article to learn more about the detriments of cotton farming.

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Organic Clothing

The Regenessaince

No affiliate, but an A1 brand started by my good friend Ryan Griggs who is trying to bring attention to the importance of regenerative agriculture.

Listen to his story on our podcast, and support a good cause.

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Organic Cotton Bed Sheets + Towels

American Blossom Linens

100% organic cotton sheets, towels, and more. 100% Sourced & Made in the USA. The sheets that I use every night when I sleep.

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Organic Wool Pillow

The Woolshire

Organic wool pillows 100% sourced and made in the USA. Uses organic cotton cases. Small family business that is doing it right.

Check out my podcast with the owner Chase of Woolshire to learn more about the product and household toxins.

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Grounded Minimalist Sandals

GAIA Sandals

Grounded minimalist sandals handmade by fellow esoteric health brother Rob aka “the Grounded Athlete”.

Check out our MASTERCLASS podcast with Rob to learn more about grounding.

Need to Use CODE TRISTAN10 at checkout for a discount.

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Grounded + Leather Footwear

Rhizal Shoes

Grounded and hand crafted leather slip on shoes-use. Use CODE TRISTAN10 at checkout or click the link.

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses & Red Light Therapy

Midwest Red Light Therapy

Quality blue light bocking glasses that won't break the bank. They also have red light bulbs to improve your at home light environment.

Improving your light environment and blocking artificial blue light is one of the most important aspects of health optimization.

MUST USE CODE TRISTAN10 at checkout to receive a discount.

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Screen Filtering Software


Software that enables easy light filtering and minimizes flicker on
your devices.

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EMF Protection

Defender Shield

Concerned about nnEMFs? Defender Shield is the best in nnEMF blocking phone cases, sleep masks, laptop shields, clothing, and much more.

(I directly work with Defender Shield’s Medical
Advisory Board so I trust the quality of their products heavily).

Check out this easy to read article I wrote on nnEMFs to get an introduction to why this matters.

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Animal Based Skincare

Farrow Skincare

Animal based skincare with simple, non toxic ingredients including SMART LARD. If you wouldn't eat it, don't put it on your skin. Use link or code TRISTAN15 for 15% off.

Check out my podcast with Charles Mayfield, the owner of Farrow, to learn more about this brand. WARNING: His voice is extremely enticing to buy a ton of Farrow Skincare products.

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Animal Based Personal Care Products

Nose to Tail

Beef Tallow based soap, deodorant, lip balm and skin cream.
(They also have meat/jerky/seasonings). Texas based and supporting local regenerative suppliers.

My friend Brian Sanders is working hard in many facets to drive change in our food system. Check out our podcast with Brian on Decentralized Radio to hear more about Nose to Tail.

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Stargazer Cast Iron

Based cast iron company 100% made in the

Nice they have an option to buy a “bare” cast iron that is not
already pre-seasoned in disgusting seed oils.

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Methylene Blue

Meraki Medicinal Methylene Blue

Only source of Methylene Blue I use. Big Pharma hates it. MB helps improve dysfunctional mitochondria, is great for hypoxia, travel, a nootropic, anti viral…this compound does it all.

Highly recommended to watch my Methylene Blue overview video and our 1.5hr long podcast with Vance Elrod, the owner of Meraki, before you dive into using MB.

NEED TO USE CODE TRISTAN15 at checkout for 15% off.

Meraki also have a based Tallow + MB skin cream.

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BASED Supplements Shilajit

Natural high source of trace minerals + fulvic acid, potent antioxidant + other benefits.

USE link below or CODE TRISTAN10 at checkout.

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