Virtual EMF Consulting

1 Hour EMF Consultation

Virtual consultations include teaching you how to measure EMFs and analyzing your home's EMF exposure via video call.

I will take a look at your circuit breaker panel and provide a recommendation for mitigating chronic duration exposure and help you create a sleep sanctuary so that you can restore and repair effectively at night.

I will map out the location of your home prior to the call via address to analyze proximity to EMF hot spots and cell towers.

All strategies I recommend will help protect you and your family from the adverse health effects caused by nnEMF exposure.

A priceless investment, because once implemented, these strategies will help protect your family for years to come.

Children are 5-100x more susceptible to EMFs than grown adults.

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In person

Home EMF Inspection

In person EMF consulting services which includes: measuring for strong EMF sources inside and outside your home, surveying your home layout, proximity to high EMF sources in your neighborhood, reviewing wiring diagrams, reviewing new construction electrical plans, providing recommendations for technology use/internet connection/home layout. Professional measuring equipment will be used.

The recommendations will be a prioritization based on mitigation cost and exposure intensity. I will provide you the knowledge of what is most important to tackle and the solutions to do so.

In person home inspections are available regionally in the Rocky Mountain States (WY, UT, CO, ID, MT). Otherwise please make it clear and I can connect you with an EMF specialist in your area.

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Why EMFs?

As an Electrical Engineer (M.S.) I have shifted my expertise into the world of non-native Electromagnetic Fields (nnEMFs). I have used my knowledge of health optimization paired with my background in EE to dig through the research to understand why nnEMFs cause adverse health effects SO I can help others understand what to prioritize in mitigation strategies.

We live in a toxic soup world, and I believe that EMFs can often be the environmental toxin that "breaks the camels back" and can send someone into a severe health issue. They are underdiscussed so it is my priority to bring this education to the forefront to prevent the epidemic of chronic disease from continuing to proliferate. Being PRO-active instead of RE-active in EMF exposure is one of the best investments you could make for you and your family.

"EMFs are the new cigarettes, but they are even worse because we can't see the smoke."

If you want to get a brief overview on what EMFs are and why they are detrimental to our health, click the link below to read an article I wrote for my newsletter.